Bomb blast kills 6 children in afghanistan (VIDEO)

Bomb blast kills 6 children in afghanistan (VIDEO)

A blast has killed six children in Afghanistan, bringing to 14 the number of people killed since Tuesday.

The blast happened when children were playing football with a friend on Saturday morning.

Children were injured and the blast was felt for kilometres, according to local sources.

One resident told Waziristan Online: “As I was walking to school, the sound woke me up in a way I never dreamed possible.

“I had just finished playing our nati더킹카지노onal ball with the children when I saw what was taking place. As I was lying down I heard a loud boom and then heard my brother crying, then I heard the voice of a local man and he said: ‘We have been trying to reach you all this morning’ – I had no idea who he was saying.”

The children were from a nearby family. A local official told local media he believed the group had been hit by a car, but there is no confirmation.

The blast comes a day after Taliban insurgents attacked the military academy in Kunar province, killing at least 17 people and wounding dozens more, an AFP correspondent says.

The Taliban’s spokesman has denied the attack, but it follows the killing of a senior military officer in a raid on the school the day before.

The spokesman said the attack was part of a plan to attack the education department, and that the attacker was killed in an encounter with soldiers near the compound where he was found with his hands on the Koran.

There is no official confirmation of a Taliban attack in Kunduz. But if confirmed, the school strike could be significant, according to Afghan sources.

“Kunduz could become a center for terrorism, because our schools are used for training terrorists”, a provincial official told a local newspaper. “If this happens we will be in trouble.”

But Kunduz police commander Zabiullah Mujahid told a local newspaper that most schools were closed for the Eid holiday. “I can assure you I will not have any problems because I have all the weapons.”

He also praised h바카라is troops, who were deployed to the city, but he said he would not ask anyone for money for the strike. “We have to keep on making progress, but the situation is too complicated for us to give money.”

But there h바카라사이트as been little criticism of the troops, who have faced threats from the Taliban for a long time in Kunduz, after Afghan forces toppled Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar in